Core Programming

We work to build and support restorative "GreenWave Reefs" around the US and abroad. Each Reef is composed of twenty-five 3D ocean farms, clustered around a seafood hub and hatchery, and surrounded by a ring of institutional buyers and entrepreneurs.  To achieve this, our work focuses on three distinct program areas, outlined below.


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Farm Startup & Farmer Apprenticeship Program Our open source model is designed so that anyone with a boat and $20,000 can start their own farm. We help farmers start ocean farming businesses by providing necessary resources:

  • Legal and Permitting Support: Working with GreenWave staff and partner law firms, farmers receive pro-bono support with their farm applications, crop insurance, and more.
  • Farmer Training: Two years of hands-on training on our “floating classroom.” 
  • Seed: GreenWave farmers-in-training receive free or subsidized seed for two years.
  • Farm Equipment and Weatherized Gear: In partnership with Patagonia and Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute, GreenWave helps supply new farmers with donated farm equipment and winter clothing.


Our Infrastructure and Policy Program creates a foundation to scale the blue-green economy.

  • Restorative Hatcheries: With research partners, GreenWave builds multi-species hatcheries to protect native seed varieties and provide reliable and low cost access for farmers.
  • Policy Development: GreenWave's policy program works to ensure that a wide range of stakeholders are involved in scaling the restorative ocean farming industry. This includes drafting model legislation, streamlining permitting processes, and working with farmers and chefs to develop a code of conduct.

Market Development

Our Market Development Program works to create new and stable markets for our farmers’ crops. This program enables us to access stable institutional markets and guarantee that our farmer’s products are sold at above market rates.

  • Access to Markets: New markets require new partnerships. GreenWave has been able to leverage its successes to work with incredible partners such as Patagonia, Dock to Dish, Google, and others. We work to build reliable outlets for their crops and regional purchaser databases to support our farmers.
  • R&D: The potential of many sea vegetables and other restorative species has gained momentum across industries. GreenWave supports research and development efforts that could be game-changers for our farmers and the blue-green economy.
  • Ecosystem Service Models: GreenWave works with policymakers and scientists on the development of carbon and nitrogen trading programs that ensure farmers get paid for the positive environmental value of their work.